CONNECT is dedicated to the prevention and elimination of domestic and gender violence


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CONNECT Youth is a comprehensive violence prevention program designed to empower young people to create responses to the various forms of violence in their lives. With a social justice focus, this program aims to foster the development of grassroots youth-lead efforts that support the development of respect and mutuality in relationships. This multi-level program includes:

  • Girls Empowerment

    CONNECT is committed to healing and positive self-image for girls.

    Working with girls, CONNECT has created a unique curriculum safe space for girls to:

    • Identify and reflect on their lives and the empowering and disempowering moments that mark them
    • Assess their lives in different areas (relationship to self, home environment, education/learning)
    • Create individual plans to heal from internalized oppression

    Working with adults who work with teen girls, CONNECT helps participants to:

    • Help young girls find their voices
    • Give girls a vision to transform their beliefs about gender-based violence
    • Assist girls to see themselves as leaders in their communities and schools
  • Transitioning into Men: Creating allies with young men to end violence against women and girls

    A comprehensive program that critically examines the cultural and historical belief systems, gender socializations that can lead to family, domestic, teen dating, gang and gender violence.

    CONNECT encourages young men to:

    • Analyze abuse within race, class and gender.
    • Define contributors that lead to different forms of violence, connecting teen dating violence with other forms of youth and community violence.
    • Develop their own preventive and intervention strategies to stop abusive cycles of behavior and help build and maintain safe and healthy relationships
    • Be identified to be developed into peer educators in school and community settings

    CONNECT Youth is dedicated to creating a safer place for the youth of New York City to flourish into healthy individuals, active community members, and positive support systems for one another.