CONNECT is dedicated to the prevention and elimination of domestic and gender violence


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Men can play a pivotal role in eliminating family and gender violence, particularity when men commit over 90% of the reported cases of domestic violence. A vital element of CONNECT's work is holding batterers accountable for the abuse they inflict upon their victims. CONNECT has built a solid foundation of successful men's programming designed to transform male abusers and silent bystanders into allies and activists to end male violence against women, children and other men. CONNECT's work with men serves a dual purpose. Firstly, CONNECT has created a strategy to keep women and children safe by doing prevention and intervention work with abusive men, bystanders and male youth. Secondly, CONNECT is helping men recognize and transform their attitudes and belief systems that manifest in abusive behavior.

Our goal is to develop a team of men who ally with women, reach out to other men and children in their respective communities, and develop responses to male and gender violence. CONNECT provides training, capacity building, and technical assistance to organizations, unions, human service organizations (child welfare, head start, male and father involvement/engagement), veteran and reentry programs, and youth.

CONNECT Men's anti-violence initiatives include:

  • Monthly Men's roundtable
  • Hombres Dialogando (Men Dialoging) Peer Education for Spanish Speaking Men and Fathers, Men, & Women as Allies
  • Working with Fathers
  • Understanding Men Who Batter & Abuse
  • Batterers Intervention Training
  • Technical assistance and Capacity Building for organizations to develop programs for men and fathers.
  • Manhood Development for Young Males

Monthly Men's Roundtable: A monthly roundtable for men who provide services to men and fathers in various capacities.

Men@Work: Seminars and community workshops on masculinity, male socialization and ending violence against women (1 in each borough).

Hombres Dialogando: Psycho-education and capacity building for peer educators with a focus on manhood, fatherhood, and relationships with partners (Spanish Language).

Men & Women as Allies: A workplace/union initiative which trains management and craft and employees of corporations to ally on workplace/domestic violence/bullying behavior in the workplace.

Understanding Men who Batter & Abuse: A 12-week training that critically examines the cultural and historical belief systems, gender socializations that can lead to family violence. We will explore how men who are marginalized in society maintain power, male privilege and entitlement with in their intimate and communal relationships. Participants will review preventive and intervention strategies available to men and fathers struggling with abuse in their relationships to stop abusive cycles of behavior and help build and maintain amicable relationships, where appropriate, while keeping keep women and children safe.

Batterer's Intervention Training: Building upon the themes in UMBA, develops the in-depth knowledge and skills required to lead batters intervention groups. Co-ed facilitation is emphasized and participants learn role play and theatre techniques to model healthy relationships.

Working with Fathers: Is a bimonthly series of workshops that helps social service providers engaging fathers struggling with abuse in their relationships to stop abusive cycles of behavior and help build and maintain amicable relationships, where appropriate, while keeping women, children, and men safe.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building: For fatherhood, male involvement, re-entry, mentoring, and veterans programs.

Manhood Development for Young Males: A Manhood Development program specifically for high school and middle school males. Young men will critically examine the cultural and historical belief systems and gender socializations that can lead to family, domestic, teen dating, gang and gender violence. They look at abuse with a race, class and gender analysis. Students explore how young men who are disenfranchised in society maintain power, male privilege and entitlement within their intimate and communal relationships. The root causes that lead to teen dating violence with other forms of youth and community violence are investigated. The project provides a space for these young men to have age-specific conversations about manhood, male socialization, male accountability, gender equality, healthy and unhealthy dating relationships, sibling, and peer relationships.

Father's Day Pledge

6/17/10 New York CIty Hall.

CONNECT joins NYC Council Members on the steps of City Hall. NYC Fathers, Men and Boys make a Father's Day pledge to be part of a movement to end violence against Women, Girls and Men in our communities! More Photos on Facebook!!

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