CONNECT is dedicated to the prevention and elimination of domestic and gender violence


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Communities of faith and their leaders have the potential to play a significant role in helping to prevent and eliminate family violence. Envisioning a city where safe families and peaceful communities can flourish, CONNECT FAITH is committed to working in collaboration with New York City’s diverse faith communities to create and strengthen their response to gender and family violence. Help make your community a sanctuary of safety where justice and healing can be experienced by all.


  • Customized education and training for clergy, lay leaders, seminarians and all interested people of faith
  • Support for planning education and awareness events in your faith community
  • Information about resources available in your community and how to work with secular agencies
  • Comprehensive consultation to communities and organizations working to change fundamental beliefs and practices that support abuse; technical assistance to develop culturally and religiously relevant practices and policies
  • Monthly Interfaith Theological Roundtable — ongoing supportive and educational and healing space to discuss the practical, pastoral, theological and spiritual challenges of working with victims and perpetrators of violence in a faith based context. View schedule here
  • Referrals for faith based counseling for victim/survivors/perpetrators

CONNECT FAITH is also available to provide training and technical assistance to secular advocates and agencies on how to address their clients religious and spiritual concerns and how to collaborate with clergy.

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