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The CONNECT Training Institute

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The mission of The CONNECT Training Institute (CTI) is to expand the number of professionals and community members who have a deep understanding of the dynamics and consequences of violence in the family. By providing intensive training, CTI gives participants the tools they need to develop community-based solutions for the complex problem of family violence.

CTI includes Introductory Trainings and Core Specialized Trainings.

Core specialized trainings are a total of 48 hours conducted on a weekly or biweekly basis and culminate in a final project or practicum.

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Current Course Schedule

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  • Understanding Domestic Violence: Essentials and Intersections Winter 2012

    Last Updated: 12/01/11 03:42PM

    Date(s): 1/13/2012, 1/20/2012, 1/27/2012, 2/3/2012

    Time: 9:30am-5:00pm

    Location: CONNECT Training Institute

    Requisites: None

    Materials Fee: $200 sliding scale available

  • Working with Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Fall 2011

    Last Updated: 11/18/11 12:15PM

    Date(s): 11/7/11, 12/19/11, and 1/11/12

    Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

    Location: CONNECT

    Requisites: UDVEI

    Materials Fee: $60 per class, $150 for all three days* sliding scale available, please call for details

  • Women’s Empowerment For Survivors and Victims Fall 2011

    Last Updated: 10/17/11 12:08PM

    Date(s): Fridays 11/4/11, 11/9/11, 11/18/11, 12/02/11, 12/16/11, 1/18/12

    Time: 10am-4pm

    Location: CONNECT

    Requisites: UDVEI

    Materials Fee: $250* sliding scale available, please call for details

  • Girls' Empowerment Fall 2011

    Last Updated: 10/27/11 11:09AM

    Date(s): Thursdays 11/3/11, 11/10/11, 11/17/11, 12/01/11, 12/08/11, 12/15/11

    Time: 10am - 4pm

    Location: CONNECT

    Requisites: None

    Materials Fee: $125* sliding scale available, please call (212) 683-0015 ext.215 for details


*Sliding Scale Available, please email for further details.

Full and partial scholarships are available to active Community Empowerment Program members based on financial need. You will be notified if this applies to you when you register.

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