CONNECT is dedicated to the prevention and elimination of domestic and gender violence


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Community Empowerment

CONNECT recognizes that many victims remain silent about the violence in their homes because of a lack of awareness of the services available to help them.

Recognizing the need for more comprehensive, preventive responses that are rooted in the community, CONNECT has developed its Community Empowerment Program (CEP). Through community organizing, education, and capacity building, CONNECT facilitates the development of community-focused responses to violence in the family.

The Community Empowerment Program provides:

  • Education and Outreach:
    • Seminars and Workshops with community-based organizations and faith-based groups on the social, legal, cultural, and health aspects of domestic violence
    • Staff Trainings to community-based organizations, faith-based groups and New York City agencies
    • Events, Forums and Trainings for local residents to promote domestic violence awareness in their community
  • Capacity Building:
    • Program Design and Development
    • Technical assistance
    • Development of fundraising strategies and small grants
    • Partnering with community organizations to increase community resources dedicated to Domestic Violence
  • Research and Evaluation:
    • Needs Assessments
    • Community Surveys
    • Focus Groups
    • Neighborhood Profiles
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