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Responding to Domestic Violence in Communities of Faith

Last updated: 11/28/11 10:39AM

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Friday, Dec. 2nd & Friday, Dec. 9th, 9:30am - 4:30pm.
Union Theological Seminary, 3021 Broadway on 120th Street.

Communities of faith and their leaders have the potential to play a significant role in helping to prevent and eliminate family violence. This course is designed to help clergy, lay leaders and seminarians to:  

  •     Gain a basic understanding of the complex dynamics of intimate partner abuse and effects on individuals, families and communities.
  •     Learn about intervention strategies: practices and resources needed to help keep victims/survivors safe, and abusers accountable.
  •     Explore approaches to the challenging pastoral, theological and spiritual issues that abuse and violence in the family raise.
  •     Develop strategies for how you and your community of faith can play a critical role in breaking the silence and preventing domestic violence.

For more information please contact Sally MacNichol at 212-683-0015 x216 or There is no fee for this training, but we appreciate donations if you are able. CONNECT's work with faith communities is flourishing, but funding is not.  Many thanks.

The agenda to end violence against women is enormous, given that we are essentially attempting to turn the tide of centuries of norms, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that encourage and support violence against women. Faith- based communities represent a critical ally in this effort.

~ Marie Fortune.